Tips and Tricks for Your College Applications

So now you know how to pick a college but what now? Just because you think a school is a good fit for you and apply does not mean you will get in. The tips and tricks below will help you to actually get into the right place for you.


  1. Strength in Numbers


It may sound obvious, but it is much better to have many choices than only a few. It makes perfect sense to apply to as many schools as you can provided, of course, that they meet your minimum criteria.


  1. Categorize


Separate your potential applications into three categories. You might have heard these terms before, and I will use them here for consistency: Top Choices, Reach Schools, and Safety Schools. Your top choices, obviously, are the schools that you think you have a good chance of getting into and seem like the best fit for your needs. The Reach Schools are the schools that are more selective (and usually have higher prestige rankings) but which you have some chance of getting into. Safety Schools are the schools that you are nearly certain you can get into. Make sure you have several colleges or universities in EACH category.


Also, in filling out your college applications, spend the most time on your Top Choice schools. You should still devote some effort to your Reach and Safety schools, but if it comes down to which schools you need to spend time on the application for, you will have a good list to go from.


  1. Spend Time on Your Essay


While factors like GPA and SAT/ACT scores might serve as an initial starting point for schools, if it comes down to a tough choice, the school’s decision could come down to your essay. It is worth it to put extra time into it, have others proofread it, and for you to polish it to perfection. Proofread, proofread, proofread!


  1. Seek Out and Listen to Advice!

Seek out and listen to the advice of your guidance counselors and other experts in college applications. This is an important and difficult decision in your life, and these people want nothing more than to help you make it a great one!

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