Girl Meets Boy ed. Kelly Milner Halls

Publisher: Chronicle Books

Release date: December 28, 2011

Pages: 204

This collection of short stories aims to show that there are two sides to every dispute or interaction between a guy and a girl. It doesn’t quite do this—it instead shows gives us a backstory for both the male and female protagonists of each story. It’s kind of like books with alternating-POVs; there’s no real revelation when you see the other side of a story, it just provides a new perspective.

Now let’s get down to the stories.

Story 1: John and Wanda. This story is not the best start to the novel. John’s POV feels messy and jumbled, but Wanda’s is smoother and more understandable. The two characters are deeply flawed, which is interesting, but the story definitely has a skeevy vibe.

Story 2: Bobby and Nancy. This one is cute! The two authors successfully capture the awkwardness of a first relationship, especially because the parties involved are so different.

Story 3: Max and Alex. Stories of friendship formed over the internet always interest me, and this story was no exception. The authors do a great job making the relationship between Max and Alex feel real, and I loved how the story ultimately ended.

Story 4: Sean and Raffina. Yay for multiracial couples! I love that the authors spent time exploring the weirdness that comes with dating someone of a different color. This story takes a very candid look at the situation, which is refreshing.

Story 5: Rafi and Kerry. This story also examines a multiracial couple, but it examines culture in depth. It’s neat to see similarities in cultures that are complete opposites. The romance in this one is especially cute.

Story 6: Gavin and Stephanie. Hello, twist ending! The authors do a fantastic job of developing the characters in this one, and the backstories are fully fleshed out. The ending will seriously surprise you, though!

4/5 stars

For those who like: Romance, realistic love stories, short stories
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