Five Hottest $40-an-Hour Jobs

A high-paying career is not as hard to find as most people think. Many employment opportunities pay $40 an hour. Read up on the following high-paying jobs to learn more about the five hottest $40-an-hour jobs in the country.


The Hot High Salary Careers:


  1. Geoscientist – This high-paying career is one of the most exciting and profitable occupations around. The responsibilities of a geoscientist range from cleaning up environmental disasters to searching for natural resources. Geoscientists earned a median hourly wage of $40.43 in 2007. That’s $84,100 a year.
  2. Art Director – An art director works in a fast-paced and creative environment. An associate’s degree in design or computer graphics can jumpstart your career in this field. These people have median hourly earnings of $40.01 ($80,230 annually).
  3. Computer Software Engineer – Jobs in IT are constantly in demand. Computer software engineers generate $41.18 an hour, or $85,660 a year. The demand for this IT job continues to grow, as new programs need to be written to keep up with the constant evolution of technology. Getting a degree in computer science or computer engineering is required for this field.
  4. Mathematician – Many people may be surprised to learn that mathematicians have one of the highest-paying salaries. In 2007, mathematicians earned $43.72 an hour, or $90,930 a year. In fact, it’s one of the top careers right now. Having a bachelor’s degree or a postgraduate degree is necessary to get ahead in this job.
  5. Pharmacist – The last, but certainly not the least of high salary careers, can be found in the healthcare industry. Few people know this, but pharmacists have a median hourly salary of $47.58, generating $98,960 a year. To get in this field, you must have a doctor of pharmacy degree and pass an exam for a pharmacist’s license.


15 ways to help you survive job loss


  1. Find emotional release by writing in a journal, talking with a confidant, or engaging in the creative or physical activity. They work through the pain and acknowledge feelings.
  2. Ask for help from family, friends, professionals, support groups, and agencies.
  3. Find encouragement wherever it can be found: people, books, events, anything that can teach them something of value.
  4. Imagine the future in positive ways.
  5. Have the courage to change, develop leaderships skills.
  6. Make things happen rather than wait for things to happen.
  7. Establish realistic goals and take small attainable steps toward them each day.
  8. Put structure back into their life with purposeful activity and meaningful daily routine.
  9. Assign themselves tasks and complete them.
  10. Shift gears or change direction with reliable new information regarding the best destination.
  11. Tackle activities that many people avoid such as aggressively pursuing a job search, and obtaining additional education or new skills.
  12. Develop strategies for dealing with stress and problem-solving.
  13. Associate with optimistic, positive people.
  14. Avoid doomsayers.
  15. Find ways to lighten up by sharing in fun or silly activities.
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